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Mano en mano

For those of you who think that independence movements are just people blowing off steam . . .

Yesterday was the annual National Day of Catalunya; by coincidence it falls on 9/11. This year it took on extra significance because of an organised public demonstration in support of a binding referendum on Catalan independence, not simply the consultative poll that has been proposed, and ignored by Madrid. The idea was that people should link hands all along the road that runs from the French border to the territory’s southern limit. They made it work: an estimated 1.8 million people of all ages and stages turned out in one of the most impressive and peaceful displays of national spirit that I have ever seen.

There’s no way that we in Scotland could link hands from the Shetlands (making allowances to the water!) to Gretna Green, but I hope that Blair Jenkins and his team are looking at the precedent that’s been set.

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  1. Simon Reid
    September 18, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Yeah, you could do that. But why not be more ambitious? The whole of Britain could hold hands. Then, the whole of the world.
    I fear you might face some opposition, though. Some might call such an event a bit ‘twee’. I wouldn’t. I’d be up for it. I know where all the pretty girls hang out.

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