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One to watch

When Steve Jobs was alive and running the show, Apple had a reputation for being customer friendly. The times they are a-changing.

A few days ago I downloaded the latest version of iTunes and thought no more of it.  When I switched it on today, all I could see in my library was music that I’d actually bought from the ITunes store. Everything else, the vast majority of the 2000+ albums  that I had stored there, had vanished. On the basis that not even Apple can delete files from someone else’s hard disk, I went looking.

For anyone else who’s fallen into this trap this is what you do; in your User folders open ‘Music’, then open the sub-folder ‘iTunes’. In there you’ll find another folder, ‘iTunes Media’. Go into that, choose ‘Music’ and you’ll find it all there. Once you’ve checked it out open iTunes itself, click on ‘file’, select ‘Add to library’. Once you’ve done that, select the ‘Music’ folder within ‘iTunes media’ and click ‘Open’. You’ll get your stuff back but any playlists you had compiled with be gone for good and will have to be rebuilt.

Why have those f*ckers in Cupertino done this? Who knows? It may be part of their on-going war with Amazon, or it may be a ruse to panic people into using iTunes Match for which there is an annual fee. Either way, it’s not going to win them any friends.

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