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Ripped off

In common with my correspondent George (see below) I’ve just learned that Ripper Street is being canned by the BBC, because of poor ratings. And I am having a Howard Beale moment.

Does that mean that everything our hugely expensive public service broadcaster does with its annual taxpayer-funded budget of £5 billion, including its much-trumpeted ‘Original British Drama’,  is being measured against brain-dead pap like I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here? Seems so.

Every household in Britain contributes £145 a year towards the BBC, in  the expectation of quality programming. Nobody is forced to watch Jungle Jim on a Sunday evening, yet those who are daft enough to make that choice seem to have been given a right of veto over those of us who prefer entertainment that requires even a small degree of thought. It’s not right, and it can’t be allowed to stand.

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  1. Mike
    December 9, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Well said, really enjoy the series and keep learning words I never heard of ! Will now watch the remaining episodes with a feeling of impending loss.

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