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Nemo me impune lacessit

Over the last few days, the people of Scotland have been told what’s best for them by Mark Carney,  the Governor of the Bank of England, Bob Dudley, the boss of BP, and now by David Cameron, the Prime Minister. They’re all belittling Scottish Independence and telling us that they know best, and we should stick with the Union.

None of these people have any locus in the debate, or even an understanding of it. But why should they? For the record, Mr Carney is Canadian, Mr Dudley is an American, and Mr Cameron is an Old Etonian twat. Our referendum isn’t about currency, it isn’t about business and it isn’t about the best interests of the English. It’s about Scotland always having been a nation in its soul, and about the right of Twenty-first Century Scots to be recognised internationally as citizens of an independent state.

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  1. Fiona Willis
    February 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    I couldn’t agree more; I am descended from a Glasgow Scot and unfortunately have never visited Scotland but if I could vote in the referendum I would vote for Independence. Cameron is worried about being the first Tory to be responsible for the break up of the union and Milliband is terrified of loosing 27 Labour MPs and any chance of winning an election outright again. Scotland should have the right to decide its own future and how to spend it’s tax and oil revenues (yet two more reasons for English politicians to want to Keep Scotland in the union and under the thumb!

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