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Gutter press

No newspapers will be banned in the new Scotland, but a quick glance at this morning’s front pages convinces me that a few, notably the odious Daily Mail might as well close up shop. Their reporting of the  Independence debate will neither be forgotten nor forgiven.

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  1. February 14, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Certain BBC commentators will be shitting themselves at the thought of a Yes Vote as well especially the appropriately named Mr Naughtie.
    Tuning in to the BBC it was striking how different were the interviews with Salmond and Alexander. As ever, he was beside himself with Salmond, barely letting a whole thought or sentence finish, nipping away in the background, adopting a challenging tone. It made for a frustrating listen
    Contrast that with his Danny Alexander interview minutes later. He was positively sheepish and I don’t think he stopped him once. Alexander was allowed to make prolonged statements, adding idea to promote party lines and criticise the Scottish government while Naughtie went to sleep.
    I was so incensed I tried to make an Official Complaint but gave up in disgust at how hard the process was

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