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Don’t be fooled, again

Anyone who was naive enough to believe that the Scottish Independence debate would be a matter for Scots alone, must be staring gloomily into his porridge this morning. With all the subtlety of a Putin on nose candy, Westminster has marshalled its allies into a campaign of misinformation, browbeating and outright bullying. We have had scare upon scare, threat upon threat, lie upon lie, even though we are still six months before Referendum Day.

Today, the programme has rolled out the Dutch head of Shell Oil to say that it would be better for his company if Scotland remained part of the UK, because it values continuity and stability. As the Scottish Government has been very quick to point out, that is hardly guaranteed within the context of a continuing United Kingdom, where we are promised an in-out referendum on EU membership.

The fact is, all this is a sham. Shell will continue to do business in an independent Scotland. So will Lloyds, Barclays (even though its profile north of the border is barely discernible with fewer than a dozen branches), RBS and even Standard Life, which actually diluted its Scottishness when it demutualised. So don’t believe any of their hints, their threats and their innuendos. On the day that Scotland assumes total control of its own affairs, every one of these companies will be knocking on the door of the cabinet room wanting to be our new best friend.

Yes for Scotland.


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  1. David Brown
    March 12, 2014 at 4:18 am

    Quintin, perhaps I am missing something here but you talk of Scotland having total control of its own affairs but surely keeping the UK currency will not give Scotland total control and joining the EC will surrender total control. However I do agree with your comment about companies joining the queue to be new best friends!

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