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For quite a few years now, there have been two mystery authors whose work I buy as soon as it’s listed. I’m not going to tell you who they are, for they don’t need plugged by me.

However I am going to tell you that there is a new member of my ‘must have’ list. I’ve just had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Jason Webster’s fourth Max Camara novel, ‘Blood Med’, and I could not put it down. If you haven’t met Max yet, I urge you to do so. If you have, look out for number 4, which will be published on June 5, a  month after Skinner 24, ‘Hour of Darkness’.


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  1. fergus
    March 12, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Relying on your wisdom and impeccable taste and not having discovered Jason Webster before, I embarked upon his first novel (to get them in order, you see). I know Valencia well and I know bullfighting very, very well, not as a tourist but as somebody who has worked with the breeders of bulls (ganaderos) and horses (don’t forget them) and met numerous “star” toreros while doing it. Must have been to more than fifty corridas and all I can say with regard to this thorny subject is, if you’re against it, don’t go. If you would like to see one, go with somebody who knows all about it and can explain what’s happening as it happens. Some bulls are better than others as are some toreros, you have to look at the poster but then there are always off-days for everybody. You never can tell and it’s expensive to go, especially in France. In Spain, it’s still affordable and “popular,” a family evening out with the kids, totally different atmosphere. Anyway, I like the book and will continue with the series (awaiting your next one).
    Here’s the kicker though: does writing novels ever cease to be passion and become just work? I’ve always wondered.

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