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Tough enough?

A few months ago, the Crown Office signalled its intention to get tough on housebreakers in Scotland, by prosecuting them on indictment, rather than in summary proceedings. The effect of this will be to increase the potential maximum sentence from one year in prison to five.

All well and good, but that is only a statement of intent, and it leaves sentencing at the discretion of the judge. Furthermore, is it adequate? Our homes may not all be castles, but they are part of us, and they should be inviolable.

Our Justice Secretary seems to favour the populist approach. I would suggest to him that if he wants to win public support instead of the suspicion with which his actions are usually  greeted, he should propose legislation that recognises housebreaking as an act of violence against the person, with a minimum tariff of five years, ie no parole, and double for repeat offences.

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