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Stormy weather for the No fleet

Sorry I’m a little late this morning. I had to rush down to the beach count the number of British naval vessels out in the Forth protecting the Scottish coastline. Know what? I looked as hard as I could, through my best binoculars. yet I couldn’t see a single one.

The First Sea Lord . . . a title that could have come straight from Gilbert and Sullivan . . . tells us this morning, on the instructions of the people who appointed him, that Scotland’s defence would be weakened if we could no longer rely on his navy. I wonder if he would tell us, in support of his claim, how many of those vessels other than nuclear Trident submarines  are deployed currently in Scottish waters. No, I didn’t think so .

As the referendum draws closer, we can expect a scare story every day, orchestrated by the Westminster machine, with the help of its cronies in the London press, who are, lest we forget, currently living in fear of post-Leveson regulation and looking on with a degree of trepidation as the Brooks/Coulson trial unfolds. Will we be frightened into voting No? I rather think not.

YES for Scotland.


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