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Start the weekend with a laugh, that’s my principle. No problem today, thanks to the telly news, which led with the pantomime horse that is the two Eds, Millipede and Balls, visiting Scotland to campaign against independence. Thanks guys. Please stay among us for the remainder of the debate.

If that wasn’t funny enough, they were joined by the Director General of the CBI failing to explain why his organisation, which was resolutely against the Yes campaign ten days ago, has withdrawn its opposition. I came to that from watching Twenty Twelve, the classic spoof TV series. I couldn’t tell the difference.

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  1. April 25, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Yeah it was all very confusing and weird. Apparently Milliband along with Lamont and Curran took part in a ‘public meeting’ in Motherwell but no details were given about the venue. It took someone to tweet that it was actually held in the Isa Money Memorial Centre (appropriately named for a Westminster politician – maybe that was why it wasn’t revealed). The ‘public meeting’ wasn’t in fact open to the public but attended by ‘local community activists’.
    To make things even more bizarre, the event was sponsored by ‘United with Labour’ which I understand is now defunct,,,,then I went and had a rest in a quiet room.

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