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Clare off

Know what? I’ve had enough of Clare Balding. She’s a cheery, jolly, lady, and I’m sure she’s as nice in person as she is on the box. But there is no escaping her. Watch the BBC and she’ll be there. Most recently she’s seen us all the way through the Commonwealth Games, including a late night chat show from the reception area in Pacific Quay. I switched on Radio  2 this morning to catch up on the news and bloody hell, she was there too. When they close the show at Hampden tonight with a great big parade and party, (by the way, if the Proclaimers don’t preform it’ll be a disgrace) no prizes for guessing who’ll be co-presenting with Hazel Irvine? (Since when did our Hazel need a co-presenter?)

I had hoped for some respite, but no. For the past few days BBCtv has been trailing a new series about surgical procedures on very large animals. (What genius dreamed that one up?)  It will be fronted by . . .? Yup. I’ll give that one a miss.


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  1. Sue Faulkner
    December 27, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Try reading her books ,,she has a a way of writing that makes one smile ,her encounters with royals various are rib tickling in the first one ! .

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