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DebateTwo starts in three hours time. However it clashes with Man City vs Liverpool, so guess what I’ll be watching? There is nothing that Alastair Darling could possibly say that would persuade me to go against my country and my conscience by voting No.

Better Together advances the cause of the well-to-do and offers nothing to the poor and the deprived. Worse, it’s their enemy. 

To those who genuinely believe in the Westminster union, I respect your view, and your right to express it through the ballot box. But I don’t respect the way the case is being put forward, and I hope that Scotland will reject it.. 

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  1. Andy Nimmo
    August 25, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    How about this gem from the Financial Times that wasn’t given any coverage at all from the mainstream media


    Wonder what Plan B is

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