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My Rubicon crossed

Three days ago, on Saturday September 6, 2014, I did something of which I have dreamt all my life without believing until a few years ago that I would ever have the opportunity. Against all the unspoken opposition of many of my friends, disregarding the pleas of an English lady author of children’s books who happens to own a piece of my homeland, ignoring the contemptible vitriol of the London media, (which will never be forgotten in Scotland, regardless of the result) in the face of threats of dire consequences from politicians with axes ground to such a fine edge that they could fell an oak tree with a single blow, I cast my vote for an independent Scotland and committed it to the post.

In all honesty, when I did so, I felt within myself that it would be in vain. Next day the YouGov poll was published, showing ‘Yes’ in the lead. Today another showed the two sides tied. There may be a margin for error, but given the results of previous sampling, there is no doubt that the ephemeral thing called ‘Momentum’ is with the Independence camp. If it continues, Scotland will win, and on September 19, an old nation will be reborn.

Today I read a ridiculous piece in the Telegraph, suggesting that ‘senior MPs’ were urging the Queen to intervene on the side of ‘No’. Of course there are ‘senior MPs’ who are stupid enough to do that, but I doubt very much that HM will be daft enough to listen to them. If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ she will continue to reign over a United Kingdom, as did her ancestor James VI and I. She may have to preside over two state openings of Parliament, not one, but at least in Scotland she will only have to walk across the road to do the job, there being a pedestrian crossing in place already.

Another lie is being pumped out today by the London media, that of panic in the financial markets following the YouGov poll.

Here is the truth: yesterday the FTSE 100 barely twitched, and today it continues to sit 300 points higher than it did one month ago; as for Sterling, today it sits at a healthy 1.61 against the dollar, and as for the Euro, this morning it has bounced back above 1.25.

When Douglas Alexander, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, speaks of imaginary economic problems, he shows why his colleagues are said to have christened him ‘Rain Man’; he has difficulty connecting with reality. The truth, Douglas, is that if Scotland says ‘Yes’ next week, one of the first things that will happen thereafter will be a commitment by Westminster to currency union. That is what today’s reaction indicates, and it is what would be the case, for sure. As for the Footsie, it will be business as usual.

Most bizarre of all, though is Gordon Brown, old Captain Barbossa, stepping forward as the saviour of the Union. That the man who did more that any other to demonstrate the case for Independence by his lamentable performance as Prime Minister, should expect any electorate now to believe a single bloody word he says, well, for me that redefines irony.

You will have noticed that a couple of paragraphs ago, I used the word ‘if’. I am not allowing myself to be carried away here. There are still many sensible people who will vote for the status quo, because they feel as strongly they are right, as I am passionate that Independence is too precious to reject. I have nothing but respect for them; it’s the people who front up their argument, and the tactics of fear that they have adopted, that I dislike.

The momentum may stop here; that’s what the media will declare probably, once they realise that they’ve helped to create it. I am not without experience in politics and one thing I’ve observed is that in the last couple of days of election campaigns there is often a small swing towards the status quo.

Will that happen next week? Maybe so; maybe Captain Barbossa will throw a cloak of darkness over the new ‘Yes’ optimism. But for now, to quote the fictional Rustin Cohle, it seems to me the daylight’s winning.

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  1. Chris Munro
    September 9, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    I have been reading your blogs now for over a year, at the beginning of that your yes for Scotland seemed well lets say wishful thinking. Now though as you say it’s going to be a close run thing and you know what good for Scotland. I realise conspiracy theories abound but the NO campagne is so bad it must have driven thousands of undecided and probably changed the minds of thousands of NO voters to a YES. I just wonder do you think that Cammo and Boris etal thought ‘OK chaps, we get rid of the ‘Jocks’ and with it goes all those labours seats’. Why else run a campagne so out of touch with the mood of a country, basically blackmailing and or bribing, do they think people are that stupid, it makes me wonder how these morons get elected.
    Will Scotland prosper only time will tell, what ever way the vote goes I wish Scotland the best, and you know what, I think if the Westminster governmant had that attitude, basically, we don’t want you to go but if you do then we’ll help not hinder, then I think the NO campagne would win hands down.

  2. Ken Johnston
    September 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    Absolutely the most concise comprehensive and convincing argument for a “Yes” vote that I have read, listened to, or watched on the various media platforms. Congratulations.

  3. joe macfarlane
    September 9, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    having read and enjoyed your books , and now having read your blog for the first time , I am pleased to see the man is as great as his books , among all the one sided media reporting it is good for some of us to see a well known name not afraid to come out for independence , there is a lot of groundwork, being done on the streets and in the workplaces to get independence, hopefully all the work done will not be in vain and come the 19th the right result will show the no campaign and the media bias for what they are , polls are often wrong , I don’t think the result will be as close as they are thinking , a good lead of 55 to 60 per cent win for yes is possible .

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