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False promise

So what are these ‘new powers’, that are trailed by our three ‘leaders’ on the front page of this morning’s Daily Record?

Actually, not a lot; the only specific pledge I can nail down is the continuation of the Barnett Formula, which is actually hated by many Scots. There will be increased tax-raising powers, and there is a guarantee that all decisions affecting NHS Scotland will be taken in Scotland. That situation exists already, so the trio are simply promising not to break their word.

There is some surprise that this ‘Pledge’ has been made on the eve of the poll. There shouldn’t be; the timing is set to leave as little time possible to lay the glaring flaws in the document open for debate.

Will Scotland be able to set its own rate of Corporation Tax? No.

Will Scotland set its own rate of VAT? No.

Will the rate of excise duty in Scotland be set in Scotland? No.

Will Scotland have its own benefit system? No.

Will Scotland leave the EU when the Europhobic English majority votes to take us out? Yes.

Will the nukes remain in Faslane? Yes.

Forget the window dressing. The truth is that our economic policy will continue to be driven by Westminster, we will have no control over the fuel costs that are a great burden on the remote and island areas of Scotland, and the defence and foreign policies that are anathema to many of us will continue to be those of Thatcher, Blair and Cameron.

The truth is that the ‘Pledge’ unveiled this morning is a sham, a bribe to potential No voters. The daftest thing of all is that any money on offer is ours already. These are three desperate men.

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