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Speed limiter

Thank you Apple for screwing up my iPad by recommending that I instal OS8. As a result it has become painfully slow. Other users beware. Wouldn’t have happened when Steve Jobs was alive.

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  1. fergus
    November 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    Entirely sympathise. I have no idea what OS8 is, I don’t really know what iPads, pods, tunes are either, other than they have something to do with apples and everybody seems to be focussed on tiny wee screens while forgetting to look right/left or left/right when stepping into traffic but I do know that you have to be very wary of downloads. Looks good, just what I need, click OK and you get not only what you thought you needed but also about ten other things you don’t need that spy on you. Try and uninstall them! Not that easy; there are forums that help, as you must know. Bon courage.

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