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Tiger Woods’ 82 yesterday is being compared with his second worst score as a pro, his 81 at Muirfield. It shouldn’t be.

I was there when Tiger shot that earlier round . . . well, to be accurate I was there when he finished it by birdieing 17 and parring the last. When I saw the storm coming I did the local thing and went home till it passed over, because I knew how bad it was going to be. Tiger couldn’t; he had to play on through the unplayable, in waterproof gear that looked hopelessly unfit for the task in hand. His 81 was probably a couple under par for the conditions and next day he went round in 15 fewer shots.

What I saw in telly last night as he shot his 82 was a man who has lost it beyond redemption. Around  the greens he chipped like me; that’s not pretty, and I’m not kidding.

If he ever wins another golf tournament it will be a miracle. Thanks for the memories, Tiger.

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