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Obvious solution?

Harking back to the Kevin Pietersen business one last time, a thought occurred to me as I lay awake early this morning listening to the Mother of all Tramuntanas. Wouldn’t it have been simple, and at no cost to whatever personal code of honour drives Andrew Strauss for him to put a proposition to KP?

The Enfant Terrible isn’t an Enfant any longer. Very soon he’ll be 35, an age at which most top batsmen have opted out of at least one form of the game, to prolong their careers. So why didn’t Strauss say something along the lines of, ‘Look Kev, why not get us both off the hook by announcing your retirement from Test cricket on grounds of age and self-preservation, and we’ll pick you for the short form England teams, which are in dire need of help.’

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  1. Fergus
    May 16, 2015 at 8:42 am

    There may be a lot of “ego” issues here that get in the way of anything “sensible” being worked out and, yes, it is very “breezy” just across the border too. Unlike the Chernobyl cloud, the Tramontane does not stop at borders!

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