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Poor substitute?

I read this morning that the runners and riders are now in place for the leadership and deputy leadership elections in the Scottish Labour Party.

Labour is not alone in running simultaneous leadership and deputy elections with completely different cast lists. Whatever the party, the practice means that losers in the senior vote remain just that, and are excluded from consideration for the deputy slot. Also, by definition it means that none of the deputy candidates are considered good enough to run for leader.

So why do it? How does it add to the electability of any party? Would it really damage democracy to allow the chosen leader to anoint his or her own deputy, the person with whom they believe they will work best, rather than have them potentially saddled with a number two whom they neither like nor trust?

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  1. Iain Lawson
    June 28, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    This is a voice from your past here. I was delighted some years ago when I learned you had joined the SNP. I was a member for a long time but have not been a member since 1998 as I am not allowed as I am the Honorary Consul in Scotland for the Republic of Estonia and political membership is a no/no.

    I know from your books (Celia and I both enjoy them) that you live between Scotland and Spain. We are much the same living between Scotland and Florida where we have our second home.

    If you fancy a pint sometime to catch up and laugh of olden times send me your email address and when you are likely to be in Scotland. I visit your end of the country most weeks so it should not be difficult.

    Best Wishes

    Iain Lawson


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