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I had an email this morning from National Rail, telling me they miss me, and offering me a £5 discount if I renew my Senior Railcard, which I let lapse last year. That would bring the cost down to £25, and would get me one third off fares for a year.

I have a senior railcard in Spain, a Tarjeta Dorada. It costs €6, gets me a 40% discount, and pays for itself on one trip from  Figueres to Barcelona.

Say no more.

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  1. Justin Fayre
    August 7, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Scotrail, when it was Scotrail and not Abelio, used to do a brilliant over 55’s deal – travel anywhere in Scotland for £19 return.
    I used it annually to go with my elderly mother on a day trip from Stirling via Glasgow to her home village of Morar.
    The jkurney for her was sublime.
    Stirling to Glssgow then doon the coast to Helensvurgh. Up the side of Loch Fyne, skirting Loch Lomond. Across Rannoch Moor past Ben Nevis to Fort William and then up the West Highland Line, across the Harry Potter viaduct and time for a couple of hours visiting old pals before returning.
    I went to book it again last week only to find the new operators had cancelled it.
    Ach welll that’s progress. I’M sure they know what they’re doing.

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