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it was inevitable, given the timing of the announcement and my publicly aired views on Police Scotland, that the resignation of the Chief Constable would be mentioned last night. I was ready for that. What took me by surprise was the spontaneous round of applause that the announcement provoked from the audience.

Now that Sir Stephen House has recognised the strength of public feeling and bowed to it, attention will turn to the appointment of his successor. I hope that the Scottish Police Authority and the Scottish Government will ensure that the person chosen has ground level, through the ranks, experience of policing in Scotland and is not another import from the tainted Metropolitan Police.

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  1. dvhogg
    August 28, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    Sadly Quintin I suspect it will be a politically correct appointment not based on ability, it could be based on gender listening to Nicola Selfies current musings. Law and order like many other things is proving to be banana skin territory for the Nats.

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