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Stifling a yawn, . . . 

Since the programme for Bloody Scotland was published a few days ago, I’ve been asked by a few people why I won’t be there.

The short answer is, I don’t really know. I was available, as I have been for every year of Bloody Scotland’s blessed existence save one when my wife was recuperating from illness, but the feedback one of my supporters was given by the Director, my good friend Big Bob, was that this year the committee had decided to ‘rest me’.

Well this is how it plays. I’ve been active, and moderately successful, in Scottish crime fiction since some of the emerging talent, for whom, make no mistake, I have great admiration and respect, were in primary school, or maybe even being toilet trained. Given that, maybe ‘the committee’ can be forgiven for believing that I’m tired! For the record, I’m not. I was out tonight and bumped into a Welsh mate of mine. He and I are kindred spirits of the same age and temperament, and he was there with his two year-old.

For the last two years I’ve been working my nuts off adding four more Skinner books to the Scottish crime catalogue, which, I believe, promotes us all. Between those I’m presently working on a short story that I’m loving and which I hope will nudge the envelope still further. Maybe I will tire soon, but at my age all you can do is keep going until you hit the buffers, like Thomas the Tank Engine in my grandson’s favourite story book.

Is QJ annoyed by missing Bloody Scotland this year? He’s so fucking annoyed that he’s starting to refer to himself in the Third person, and trust me, that’s always a bad sign. (Doesn’t prevent him from wishing everyone involved success and a weekend of packed events, though.)

Got to go now. It’s a holiday where I am and I’m off out clubbing.

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  1. George
    June 3, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Just typical of the society we have in Scotland these days. We really don’t know or appreciate what and whom we have. QJ, JK, IR, VMcD are up there with the best yet for some reason we are not recognised for the talent within. Sadly it’s largely because of the usual petty Scottish psyche. Last 10-12 years the constitutional issue has divided what was once a great place to live. Difficult to see how the damage can ever be repaired. We could have so much going for us as part of an independent UK.

    June 4, 2017 at 11:27 am

    Good morning Quintin
    Nobody who has read and enjoyed The Skinner books would describe you as just moderately successful. For myself and family and friends you make the characters into real people.
    Having read the whole series, and listened to James Bryce read them, please don’t even think of stopping writing.
    Looking forward the the next “Skinner” episode, and your short story.

  3. Lynn Turley
    July 5, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    I’m new to your blogs and finding them as insightful and humorous as your actual books. Made me laugh anyway!

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