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From the jaws . . .

It’s pretty obvious to those who did not know that neither David Cameron nor Theresa May were lawyers. Had they been, they would have been aware of the first law of cross-examination: Never ask a question unless you know the answer.

First Dave with his EU Referendum, which he thought he’d win handily. Now Theresa with the snap election that all the polls told her she would walk. The lesson? Unless you have it written in blood, take noting for granted.

It’s okay for Dave; he ran away from the mess he’d made, to trouser ridiculous sums of money on the high-level speaking circuit. Not so easy for Theresa; while she didn’t win the election she didn’t exactly lose it either. The Conservatives lost their absolute majority, nevertheless they won almost sixty seats more than the second largest party, and with the support of the DUP in Northern Ireland, and the continuing abstention of the Sinn Fein members, they seem virtually certain to form the next Government. Theresa could nail it down by sticking Vince Cable into the Treasury, a job he’d take for sure, as the LibDems have always been for sale to the highest bidder.

There were supposedly clever people on telly this morning, supposed experts, who declared that we have returned to the two-party state. They are idiots, because when no party can command a majority without the support or acquiescence of others, then manifestly that cannot be the case.

No question, Jeremy Corbyn fronted an excellent campaign . . . okay, he was helped by the political vacuum that the Tories presented . . . and he thumbed his nose at most of the tabloid media, but he didn’t win. There are people today who are trumpeting the result as the biggest upset since Clay beat Liston, but it isn’t because he came nowhere near to walking away with the title. This morning I heard the staff at Labour HQ singing ‘One Jeremy Corbyn, there’s only one Jeremy Corbyn’, but the majority of us are still thinking ‘Thank Christ for that!’ As for that smug smile that he’s been wearing for the last forty-eight hours or so, I prefer the sour-faced bastard that he really is.

When Labour come face to face with reality they will realise, that even though they captured and mobilised the youth vote, and rode on the crest of a wave, they are a stonking sixty-five seats short of an absolute Commons majority, and won one hundred and fifty seven seats fewer than did Labour under Tony Blair in 1997.

FACT: Labour under Corbyn is still not electable, not by a long way.

Yesterday, I said to a friend who is an elder statesman of the Labour movement, and who campaigned hard in what he always knew would be a losing cause, that I hoped to see his party rediscovering itself in the wake of this defeat. I still do, but I could say the same to my Tory and SNP friends. (I don’t have any Lib Dem friends.)

Theresa’s going to see the Queen in two hours. I’d love to be a fly on that wall.


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  1. Jill
    June 9, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    And I’d love to know what the Queen really thinks of how politics is played in the present day! And her opinion of that thick woman Theresa May…

  2. George
    June 9, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Agree re Corbyn. Labour will never again encounter a Tory campaign as complacent as this one. Certainly not in next election. Really stupid thing is most of what is in Tory manifesto is actually a step forward for their core support eg ‘dementia tax’ with a cap on total amount to be paid for care and a £100k floor for savings/estate is significantly better than current system yet it was allowed to be seen as a major take-away for senior citizens.
    In Scotland SNP now in a very tight corner. Cornered animals sometimes escape. Will be interesting to see what ‘that woman’ comes up with next. Think only Ruth becoming leader of UK Tory party can save SNP.
    In last 18 hours Sturgeon, Salmond and Hosie have all said that May didn’t win the UK election because she lost seats( despite still having almost 60 more than next party) yet SNP won the Scottish election because they won the most seats???? Do they ever think before they speak?

  3. Fergus
    June 10, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Why does she have to keep wearing jackets that look like they’re about to burst in an attempt to resemble Angela Merkel? Not very good at all from the outside looking in, without the politics part. All image, innit? and it doesn’t seem to be working very well…

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