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BBC Breakfast this morning made a child survivor of Grenfell Tower cry on camera then broadcast it, with the participation and apparent approval of her father.

The point being?

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  1. Clare
    July 5, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Quintin I am ashamed of my generation and their incessant need for gratification in the form of mass consumption of grim news. I have been wondering why the government don’t lock down on things like reporting on Grenfell whilst people were still inside dying. WTF? This 24 hr news is not what the majority of people want so it can only be that the government controls what we see or the media controls the government. It’s shameful, we have not moved on since the days of killings in the coliseum. Seemingly needing to see others suffer just to affirm our own “aliveness”. That’s my rant. Hope you’re well. Clare

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