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The future?

On the road in L’Escala this morning I travelled for a while behind a Tesla model S, all-electric, with Dutch plates.

Baking hot morning, but all the windows were open. Was this because the driver had switched off the air-con to save battery power? Whatever it made me wonder about the practicality of electric vehicles as they stand. My bruv-in-law has a Nissan Leaf, and is very pleased with it, but there is little need for air-con in Wooler, and he doesn’t test its range. Great, no doubt, for commuting, as long as the owner has charging facilities at home. But for a journey from Spain to Holland?

Tesla’s site suggests that some configurations can achieve a range of up to 400 miles, at 55mph with the air-con off. Switch it on and go a little faster, make allowances for an extravagant driving style, and that declines rapidly.

I have to admit that I’d fancy one of the beasts myself, but I doubt that I’d be bringing it to Spain. I hope that Mr Hollander has his return journey planned very carefully, and knows exact where the charging points are.

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  1. Fergus
    August 23, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Maybe they put it on a train or hauled it down on a trailer hitched to a “camper van” as many people seem to do. When all fossil fuel / nuclear sources of energy disappear and all hydrocarbon-powered vehicles are banned from the roads, what are we going to do if the wind stops blowing and the sun doesn’t shine enough and there’s only enough electricity for some of the people some of the time? I’ve yet to see an electrically-powered articulated lorry. Who’ll supply Tesco? Just wondering…

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