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Mother Theresa

My Labour friends have been insisting that the present government is our worst ever. I can’t agree with that; I still award that indistinction to the Callaghan administration. It’s close though.To me Theresa has the edge, because she has a policy and she’s defending it, whereas old Jim didn’t have much idea of what was going on around him. The problem I have with her is that she seems to have stood on the sidelines while quietly undermining her chief negotiator before coming up with a Brexit objective that resembles a comfortable seat on the fence, which is pretty much the position she took all the way through the referendum campaign. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she cries, but in fact to her Brexit means what she says Brexit is.I don’t belong to a political party any longer, but if I was still a card carrying Conservative with a vote, then given any acceptable alternative, I would want her out, because I just don’t trust her.

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  1. Joe McKenna
    July 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Fell across “Skinners Rules” four months ago and just finished reading “A Brush With Death” last night. Man o man I’d just like to say a huge thank you for the best four months of reading I have ever experienced.

    Born in Giffnock, I have spent all of my adult years following my favourite hobby of taking money off the English! (That’s what they get for spending so much money on opening the entire M1, whilst Scotland’s M8 was was a mere 250 yards long, full of mud…. and its no even finished yet!)

    Now placed an advance order for “Cold Case” due out in November and hope there are going to other ‘Skinners’ in the pipe line. In the mean time have now downloaded “Blackstone’s Pursuits” to feed my Jardine habit.

    Thank you again.

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