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A few days ago I laid the blame for the current Brexit shambles fairly and squarely at the  door of the Prime Minister. I still believe that it belongs there. She has hamstrung two Cabinet level negotiators by effectively setting up her own Brexit department within Downing Street and making Ministers subordinate to her pet civil servant. That’s not how government should work. A Prime Minister is an executive chairman, not a managing director with full authority.

But in that post I stopped short of saying that Theresa should be replaced. Just as the cowardly Cameron should have stayed on post referendum to clean up his mess, she must stay on to clean up hers. If that means listening to Arlene Foster, so be it. If it means accepting the collective view of the majority of her colleagues, so be it. If she can’t do either, she should resign. However, the second last thing the country needs is a long drawn-out Tory leadership election. The last thing it needs is a General Election that might put Corbyn in Downing Street. The ‘no confidence’ letters are not helpful, and they should be pulled at once.

So what is the next step? The so-called People’s Vote? No! Call it what you like but if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, a duck it is. It’s a referendum under another name and we’ve had enough of those.

I have another suggestion. It’s pretty radical and it won’t find a seconder, but it would be a much quicker way of achieving the same outcome as a referendum. Why don’t the Party leaders, May, Corbyn, Sturgeon, Cable and Foster agree to put the matter before Parliament with all members having a free vote?

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  1. George
    November 19, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Maybe I’m being too simplistic however the biggest electoral turnout in a long time voted to leave the EU. We have spent two years negotiating a deal. We have the deal agreed. Far from ideal but very rarely does an entity leaving another bigger one get to leave with everything it wants. Divorce is usually painful.
    Rees Mogg and co are just using the confusion to foster their career ambitions
    Sturgeon knows a no deal Brexit is the only hope left for her to justify another referendum so will say/do anything to make it happen
    Corbyn and his cohorts want out of the EU and are just posturing to suit their desire for a general election. Once we are out he will not attempt to get us back in if ever PM
    Cable is just a silly old man
    DUP bent out of shape re a backstop that is a maybe option that neither side of the negotiations wants to see happen

    It seems to me that our politicians, with some exceptions, are acting out of personal interest rather than their constituents interest

    May has taken the flak, got a deal, she knows we can’t get a better one and will give parliament the choice of deal or no-deal. Will our politicians wake up and do what is the will of the country and what’s best for the country or will they continue to do what’s best for them? I think the next general election could be painful for a lot of the sitting MP’s from many parties.

  2. Lynn Turley
    November 19, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Too much sense. Will never happen

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