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I have two grandkids and it’s my earnest hope that they both see the 22nd Century. It’s also my hope that they live to see it in a sustainable planet. In that I have just as much interest as the pseudo-hippie anarchists, yummy mummies and attention seekers who are currently doing their best to screw up the traffic around Westminster.

Apart from being futile in that it alienates people like me, the majority I believe, it is also stupid because they are preaching to the reasonably converted, and because in the short, medium and long terms it will do absolutely no good at all.

Rather than chain themselves to manhole covers in London or join the hordes under the thrall of a criminal teenager, (Organising mass school truancy has to be against the law, surely) they should target the real enemy, the planet’s biggest polluters. Let them disrupt the traffic in Beijing, Washington or Delhi and see how they are treated there.

Or, if they are determined and selfish enough to persist, let them pursue a more effective tactic and contract the job out, to Edinburgh City Council, whose elected members have been fucking up the traffic in their city for decades.

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