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Bob Marley

What is courage? I see it as a conscious decision to stand up for the principles that underpin one’s life, regardless of any pressure to abandon them, be it physical, emotional or financial.

When Harry Kane and Gareth Bale lead out their teams later today for their opening matches in the **** World Cup they will each be the embodiment of the cowardice of those who put them there.

The One Love armband is more than a symbol of captaincy, it’s a statement of morality. Its prohibition by ****, an organisation so abhorrent that I choose not to give it a name check, should be ignored. If the tournament was taking place in the USA and the host nation chose to wear the rainbow, this would not be an issue. In banning it, **** has set itself against all the rights and principles that are upheld by its display.

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  1. Phil Hull
    November 21, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    The solution, for me, is for the associations of the countries who want to make the stand to grow a pair and ask all 26 players plus coaching staff to wear the arm band. It would delay the kick off if the referee tried to book 52 players and goodness knows how many staff before every game and create an administrative nightmare. With the threat of a walk out if that happened by all the teams affected. FIFA would be snookered

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