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The Captain walks the plank

I’ve just heard. Captain Barbossa is leaving the sinking ship, in an attempt to keep it afloat.

What will happen next? The Lib Dems’ negotiations with the Tories will break down. They will cross the street and sell themselves to the highest bidder, making a nonsense of Clegg’s speech on Friday about the party with the most seats being given the chance to form a government. Brown will go in three months or so and once again we will have a Prime Minister chosen by his own party, but not by the electorate.

I hope I’m wrong and that Clegg will prove honourable, but I am not holding my breath, because that’s how they are: entirely untrustworthy. If I am right, I make one further prediction. As a result of this stitch-up, this country will be royally f*cked.

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