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Where are we now?

Things you remember, things you’ll never forget. When Kennedy was shot, when Elvis died, when Thatcher resigned; the time and the place that I heard of each one of those era-ending events is burned on my memory. Now I have another. On Tuesday evening, I was on a Ryanair plane at Edinburgh Airport, strapped in my seat, waiting for the remaining passengers to board. With the door still open, I checked my Blackberry (yes, I’m afraid I have one) and learned courtesy of the BBC, that Gordon Brown had resigned and advised the Queen to send for David Cameron.

Readers of my blog, and before that my journal, will know that I have been a vigorous opponent of the former PM throughout his term of office. I never believed that he was the right man for the job, and when it came to the test more than 70% of the voting electorate agreed with me. Well, he’s history now. I hope very much that he will enjoy his future, as a father, and in whatever other roles he’s asked, or chooses, to fill. My wife reckons he should teach politics. I’m not so sure about that, given that there was a  lot he neglected to learn himself. Who knows? Maybe, now that he has the time, he’ll pay more attention to what’s on his own doorstep and turn his attention to his homeland. He’s a figure of vast  experience of high office, and even I would acknowledge that he’s bring gravitas to the debating chamber in the Holyrood parliament, if he chose to leave Westminster behind him. God knows, if his party needs him anywhere it’s in Scotland. For all that our anti-Tory hysteria maintained Labour’s vote share last week, it has its troubles. Its Scottish parliamentary leadership is light-weight, and in its biggest power base, Glasgow it’s enmeshed in a scandal so bizarre that it ‘s best left satire-free.

But back to that plane. When it took off, I knew that Brown was out and Dave was in, but I didn’t know about the double act. After all Clegg’s shenanigans and shape-shifting in the days after the election I assumed that we’d have a minority Tory government. But no, true to their lack of principle to the last, the Lib Dems, did it; they sold out. The price?  A disproportionate number of ministerial cars. Not the outcome I’d expected or wanted but . . .

It’s what we’ve got, and given the job that needs to be done in the deeply Disunited Kingdom, it behoves us all, in my opinion, to cross our fingers, trust in the sincerity of all parties, and hope that the medication they prescribe will cure the national ills.

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