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Mad dogs and Englishmen

My day ended on a higher note (that’s after my daughter accused me of whinging when she called me on my mobile because the BT line for which I pay advance rental has gone down and they ain’t bothered too much about fixing it) than it started, with the final episode by Sky TV’s excellent drama, Mad Dogs. Taking a break from its usual practice of doing half-decent  adaptations, Sky came up with a rarish concept with this series. They took four very good actors, Max Beesley, Philip Glennister, John Simm and Marc Warren, who are all ‘faces’ on television, mostly on BBC, commissioned a slim but original script that relied more on insinuation than on whizz-bangs, and let all four of them act their socks off in the way they’ve never been allowed to before. Maybe Sky will do something imaginative and sell repeat rights to BBC or ITV, because it deserves a terrestrial audience.

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