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Y Viva Escocia

Made the transition from Spain to Sco’land yesterday. To be accurate, it began yesterday but finished in the early hours of this morning, thanks to a flight delay, compounded by the fact that the Border Agency deployed one man to process the passports of over 300 passengers while his mate dealt slowly and deliberately with the non EU citizens. Welcome to Edinburgh, and have a ******* awful day.

Slept badly, then got up to make my way through a mountain of mail. Half-way up that I tried to made a phone call and discovered that my landline was dead; tried to report the fault to BT which did its level best to discourage me, then promised me that they’d get round to it, eventually.

Half way down the mountain, I found an interesting communication from the office of Boris Johnson. You know him, he’s the mop-headed, bleach blond Tory twat who managed to get himself elected as Mayor of London on  the basis that anyone would have been better than Ken Livingstone, only for the electorate to discover that ain’t true. Boris wants me to send him £120 because I didn’t pay the congestion charge levied on my car in his city on February 1. I have three problems with that: 1) I resent Boris thinking for a second that I’d ever be crazy enough to drive in the place. 2) Not only was I not in London on February 1, I wasn’t even in the United Kingdom. 3) I sold the car in question a month before its new owner attempted to cruise it through the metropolis on my tab.

I know, there is something comedic about it; the sort of crazy thing that only happens to other people. But when it happens to you, and you have to deal with the consequences of a chancer buying your motor and  DVLA being ludicrously slow to register the change, then compounding its own incompetence by trampling all over the Data Protection Act in sharing your out-of-date personal information with Boris ******* Johnson, you try laughing that off.


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  1. Shirley Gash
    March 4, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Take a deep breath….Ah, that’s better. You are right , shit happens, sometimes to other folk and it might make us laugh, but when it happens to us, there are much gnashing of teeth and swearing involved, but the next day you will be pleased how you handled it.

    Raining here and it’s carnival this weekend. David gone off to play golf in the drizzle, he is keen!!! We came second at the quiz by one point. I did tell them that Beluga was a whale, but they talked me out of it !!! XXSueXX

  2. March 4, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I’m not done yet. In about half an hour I’m going to have a conversation with the dealer who bought the vehicle; fair chance one of their guys was driving it, unless it sold within four weeks.

    Who were they? Everyone knows that the beluga is a type of ******* whale!

    Hope the rain clears for tomorrow. Frida mentioned Carnaval on Wednesday; she didn’t get it when I said that was usually bad news for the weather. You go anyway; see how many of The Usual Suspects you can spot in disguise. Barcelona marathon this weekend too. Phillipe Michels is running.

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