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The beautiful game and an ugly aside

I had a good day yesterday. Motherwell slaughtered Hearts 1 — 0 to return to  the top of the SPL. Three down, thirty-five left; anything is possible to those who dare to dream. (Aye, sure.) Meanwhile Manchester United gave their noisy hammer-tossing neighbours, the Kings of Bling, a two-goal start then played them off the park, scoring in the process the goal of the season before the season has even started. It’s clear that Fergie is so impressed by Barcelona that he’s trying to play like them; if the team can sustain  that for the whole season it will be very pretty to watch. City, on the other hand will always be ugly, as long as they build their game around trying to kick the other team into submission; that might work at Swansea, but there will be blood spilled at the likes of Sunderland and Stoke.

We followed up that satisfactory afternoon with an excellent supper (pretentious, QJ?) party with six friends. If we hadn’t I’d have watched Adam Scott winning the Bridgestone golf event, and while I’d have been very pleased for him, I’d have been as annoyed as most people who value the game are today by the appalling interview that his caddie, Stevie Williams, gave immediately afterwards. For non-golfers, Stevie carried the bag of Tiger Woods for twelve years, earning in the process a retainer and the customary cut of his winnings, which totalled, over that period, around $90m. There have been years when he’s been New Zealand’s highest earning ‘sportsman’. Yes, he’s done pretty well, and for a long time, by golfing standards. I don’t know what the average tour of duty is for a caddie with a pro golfer, but I’m certain it’s a lot less than twelve years. A look at Lee Westwood’s website will reveal a list of eight men who have carried his bag over the years, leading up to the current incumbent, Billy Foster.

What none of these guys have ever done is given a television interview straight after their boss has won a tournament, extolling their own virtues as ‘ a winner’, with the guy who actually hit the shots and holed the putts standing in the background. The point was, of course, to humiliate the Tiger, who finished half-way down the field, and to me it was quite unacceptable. Stevie’s done a few things over the years that would have seen him fired by most other golfers, yet his boss forgave them all. By shooting his mouth off he’s proved, IMO, that not only was Tiger right to can him, he should have done it a lot sooner. He may also have made his new boss wonder whether he’s more of a liability than an asset. We’ll see how it pans out, but one thing’s for sure. Pretty soon, Tiger will find a way of biting him on the arse, possibly even at this week’s USPGA championship.

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