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Burnin’ and lootin’

Last night, by sheer chance, I watched a movie that I’d recorded a few days before. It was called Harry Brown, and it starred Michael Caine in the title role. I’d only the vaguest idea of the story line, but it proved to be a low-budget version of Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, with Sir Michael cast as a grizzled old ex-marine, living alone in an urban ghetto in London. He has an old mate who’s being persecuted by the area’s youth gangs, and when he finally stands up to them, they kill him. Faced by the ineffectiveness of   the police, old Harry decides that enough is enough, utilises his ‘special skills’ and sets about eliminating the hoodlums, permanently. It’s a terrific work, grim, graphic and brutal. I reckon it’s event better than Clint’s version, and that’s pretty good. Towards the end there’s a phase in which a particularly stupid police chief decides that a show of strength is called for, without first checking that he has sufficient resources for the job, and that’s where the end game is played.

So I watched it, and woke up this morning to see the same scenes on TV, only they’re for real. What started in Tottenham three nights ago, after a cowboy raid by the Met’s Operation Trident led to the shooting of a man in the back of a mini-cab, is still going on and has spread across the city and even to Birmingham. They’ve just called off tomorrow’s international match at Wembley because the police can’t guarantee the safety of the players or spectators. This is no movie, and old Harry Brown can’t help. This is for real. I have family and friends in London, and in Birmingham, and I’m concerned about them . . . for real.

A week or so back, a lady asked me at a social gathering why I’m pro-independence. I told her that first and foremost I believe that my nation is capable of governing itself, and of creating and managing a sound fiscal structure, without the support or interference of Westminster. I do not accept the counter-propaganda that brands us as a beggar region. As an American politician kept on saying a couple of years back, ‘Yes we can’.

Second, I told her that I believe that there are profound social differences between my nation and England. I forecast that England would implode, and that I did not want to be constitutionally associated with it when that came to pass. When I said, that I added that I envisaged it happening in a ten to fifteen year time-frame. Seems that I was wrong. Urban England is a tinderbox and there’s been a spark.

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  1. Andy Nimmo
    August 10, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Could not agree more with your comment re “profound social differences”. Wasn’t always the case though. At one time England used to share our kind hearted, generous, warm, attributes. Unfortunately things changed in 1066 when they got involved with all these guys called Norman and things went downhill from then.
    Still I suppose its like all other abusive marriages. You hope and pray that your partner will come to his senses and stop acting like turkey voting for Christmas, but then you decide that you can’t put up with their behaviour any longer and are forced to cast him adrift.

    PS Am I the only one looking for a Scotland V USA football match to hear the Americans chanting “U..S..A U..S..A while the Tartan Army belt out “Doh a Deer”. I mean even Motherwell have got better football chants than the so callled Master Race

    • August 10, 2011 at 8:54 pm

      PS yes you probably are. They’d beat us. Maybe we could play their women’s team. We’d probably be even money then.
      PPS sorry Craig, only kidding.

  2. Lesley Gilchrist
    August 17, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Hi Quintin, I hope I never experience another week like that again. Was only 10 minutes away from the Salford riots. Thankfully the police contained them at the shopping area and it did not spread. So thankful. Has been the first time in 20 years I felt like jacking it all in and going home to Scotland. But why should I let a load of morons make me feel like that?

    • August 17, 2011 at 3:47 pm

      You’re not allowed to call them morons. Nick the Arsonist Clegg and his gang won’t like it. As expected a couple of guys get a well-deserved four years for incitement through Facebook and the bleeding heats are protesting. Let them bleed. How about prosecuting Facebook for its part in the incitement?

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