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I have just spent three of my precious remaining hours watching an ITV series called The Guilty.

I never do book reviews and I am loth to rubbish anyone’s creative work, but I feel I must express a degree of impatience, having been lulled into wasting all that time. A third of the way through episode one, I reckoned I knew who the perp was and what had happened; it was that obvious. I was almost right, save for a ridiculous twist involving a character who was introduced belatedly to provide it. Also I am still trying to figure out what the lead detective’s private life had to do with the story. Okay,she may have empathised with the victim’s mother, but so what? As a friend of mine once memorably, and cryptically said, ‘What  did that have to do with the cars going up the Mound?’


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  1. Fiona Willis
    September 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    I agree, compared to “Broadchurch” earlier this year, this was poor bordering on rubbish, I too have wasted three hours of my life! But when I ask , are we going to see Skinner turned into a TV series,considering there is no “Taggert” anymore surely there is now room for a new Scottish police series?
    From an avid Skinner fan in Norfolk!

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