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Chasing daylight

I  note today that the Westminster government is looking once again at trialling a UK move to Central European Time. I note also that the Scottish Government remains opposed.

While I recognise the objections to such a move, particularly in the most northern communities, it seems to me that they can be overcome by simple means. If there is concern that the working day would begin in darkness, can the working day not be changed, where necessary? What’s so difficult about opening schools, public buildings, shops, etc, one hour later and adjusting closing times accordingly?

People assume that when Eileen and I go to Spain for a couple of months in the winter, we’re chasing warmer weather, but that’s only true to an extent. The worst snowfall I’ve ever experienced was in Spain, in March. Mostly we’re going to enjoy a time zone that suits the available daylight hours, which are only slightly longer, better than GMT. Britain could have it too, all of Britain, if we weren’t so damned inflexible.

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  1. Diana
    February 27, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. I remember when there was an experiment last time. I was living in Glasgow and laughed out loud when a TV interviewer, in London, asked a local, a Londoner, what their views were on this. His reply was that children in Scotland would be going to and from school in the dark. My two, under the age of 11, already were. I only saw them in daylight at the weekends. During the experiment they got home in daylight which I felt was much safer.

  2. Fred in sunny Sydney
    March 1, 2014 at 4:08 am

    We’ve had debates about ‘Daylight Saving’ for years..basically the clocks go forward/back an hour in the Eastern states at the beginning/end of summer.

    Queensland always been a bit of a renegade state though,(not saying ‘backward ‘state lest I upset some of your readers from there) and despite economic advantages its mainly staunch conservative populace has generally opposed it.

    Best reasons I recall…’the extra hour’s sunlight will fade the curtains”and ‘the cows won’t know what time they are due to get milked

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