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It’s for Rex

Attention please, for I will say this only once. (Fat chance!)

So far, every single objection to an independent Scotland has been based, when you dig down into it, on one thing alone. Money.

The principal objectors are the wealthy, individuals and big business, and all those other vested interests, who are scared to stick a single toe out of their comfort zone. They’ve all forgotten the Horlicks that Westminster made of the UK economy by the shoddy regulation that it put in place, and by its determination to persuade the electorate that everything was New Labour Rosey when actually it was disappearing up its own fundament at a rate of knots. The Better Together campaign is harnessing one thing alone, and that is the self-interest of the better off. 

Nobody seriously argues that Scotland is incapable of managing a strong vibrant economy, not any more, but they’re using any means available to divert attention from the other opportunity that independence  offers, the chance to create a safe, compassionate society where every citizen is valued equally, not one run by a clique that’s only interested in looking out for its own.

My new grandson, Rex Masato Jardine, was born on February 15, to my daughter-in-law Kyoko, and my son Allan. Before any of those three were a twinkle, I knew how I’d vote in any independence ballot,  if I ever had the chance. Now my motivation is even stronger. When I put my cross in the ‘Yes’ box on September 18, I’ll do so first and foremost because I believe it’s best for Rex.


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  1. Fred in sunny Sydney
    March 1, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Agree Quintin.

    I have been following this from afar, having departed Scotland 40 years ago.

    It appears EVERY article The Scotsman runs, makes mention of a possible negative financial impact, should there be a yes vote, and emphasises supposed dire ‘told you so ‘problems should Scotland cut itself free of England.

    Well, I’m resident in Australia now, and THEY cut themselves free of England many years ago (apart from the queen, and some of us are working on that) and have prospered while England has deteriorated.

    You may not have the weather or minerals we have, but I think you have all the personal capabilities that they have here, so there is absolutely no reason why Scotland shouldn’t prosper on its own.

    However, I am now beginning to wonder whether due to the negative nellies peddling their doom and gloom stories, whether Scotland actually has the COURAGE to vote yes.

    Scotland The Brave?

    I guess we’ll see in September.

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