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Right said Fred

This comment on the previous post, by Fred from sunny Sydney, is so on the mark that I feel it deserves to be a post in its own right.

Agree Quintin.

I have been following this from afar, having departed Scotland 40 years ago.

It appears EVERY article The Scotsman runs, makes mention of a possible negative financial impact, should there be a yes vote, and emphasises supposed dire ‘told you so ‘problems should Scotland cut itself free of England.

Well, I’m resident in Australia now, and THEY cut themselves free of England many years ago (apart from the queen, and some of us are working on that) and have prospered while England has deteriorated.

You may not have the weather or minerals we have, but I think you have all the personal capabilities that they have here, so there is absolutely no reason why Scotland shouldn’t prosper on its own.

However, I am now beginning to wonder whether due to the negative nellies peddling their doom and gloom stories, whether Scotland actually has the COURAGE to vote yes.

Scotland The Brave?

I guess we’ll see in September.


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  1. March 2, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Well speaking as one who was born in England of Scottish parents, I’m all in favour of a YES vote. I agree with the comments from down under. Come on Scotland just go for it! It didn’t do the guys down under any harm , only a lot of good!

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