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I drove through Figueras the other day, behind the biggest bull-dozer cum excavator I have ever seen on any public highway. Overtaking was impossible; it took up a full lane and part of another, with its driver sitting on top, encased in a  perspex box.

It must have been bloody difficult to drive, even more so since the guy was on the phone all the way.

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  1. bathgate
    January 27, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    your slo-mo journey through Figueras reminds me of an anecdote told many years ago by a longniddry wag in his cups. It was probably apocryphal but the man, never one to ruin a good story by minimising detail, was however not one to make one up from scratch. The setting was Princes Street, bunting-bedecked and lined with flag wavers to welcome some royalty or other. Somehow our man George managed to get past the presumed road block and found himself driving his giant excavator down an otherwise deserted Princes Street so instead of the normal ‘Ohmygod, how do I get out of this?’ he rose magnificently to the occasion – literally – standing up and giving the royal unscrewing-a-light-bulb wave to the crowds.

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