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If Leo Messi ran for public office, I’d vote for him.

On my lifetime there have been a handful of great footballers. As a nipper I grew up hearing stories of Stanley Matthews; then there was Puskas, After him came Pele, Best, Cruyff, and Maradona, each supreme in his era. Then there was a fallow period, with excellent players in Zidane, Ronaldo (El Gordo), Ryan Giggs, (Don’t argue.) and Ronaldinho, not quite on the pinnacle  that those predecessors had reached.

We are lucky now in that there are two global superstars on the planet together, each at his peak and both playing in the same league as a bonus. There’s been nothing like it since Di Stefano and Puskas lined up since by side.

Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the best European footballer ever, so it must frustrate him to be sharing the stage  with someone who might be the best player ever to pull on boots, anywhere. CR7 or Messi; each has his supporters. I don’t see the point in choosing between them, but if I had to I would have to pick the little man. He can do everything that Cristiano can do, but he adds on a few things that he can’t.

It’s akin to a choice between a surgeon and a matador.

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  1. John Cross
    May 12, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    LM is outstanding as displayed against the mighty Bayern last week, looking forward to return tonite – CR is more of a show pony but a marvellous footballer as well and we’re lucky to have them playing in our era. Was on your web site getting the order of books you have written and looked at your blog re footie and from memory think you have a soft spot for M’well? Well I’ve seen a few summers in my time and can remember The Ancell Babes, later on had Joe Wark as a neighbour who also played in a good team but going further back when collections were made at half time by throwing coins into sheets the star players were Charlie Aitken, Willie Paton and Redpath as a half back line. Baldy Shaw also played in that team and I remember as a wee boy staying in a boarding house in Morecambe with my family alongside him and others. Not suggesting for a minute any of the above match the main two but in their day they did bring pleasure.

    • May 12, 2015 at 1:45 pm

      More than a soft spot, chum. Back in the 60s I was football reporter on the Motherwell Times. I knew Charlie and Baldy, and the Reid brothers. Andy Paton not Willie; he was voted ‘Well’s greatest ever player, mostly by people who never even say him play. For my money the best of them all, was Andy Weir, who could do everything, and would’ve been a global star had his career, and his life, not been cut short by illness.

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