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Spot on

It’s been six days since the election and the smoke has cleared.

On May 1 I made a prediction, on this blog. Scroll down and check it out. I was wrong in only one respect, in that I underestimated the scale of Labour’s Scottish disaster. However events are in the process of proving that I was on the ball in suggesting that a minority Tory government would’ve been a better result for Scotland. For all its 56 seats, Scotland has no leverage to apply to force a constitutional settlement that is better than the ‘not quite halfway’ house that the Smith Commission proposed.

We voted powerfully for an SNP Manifesto calling for full fiscal autonomy. Will Cameron acknowledge that and cut a deal? Not a prayer? Will Trident will be removed from Scotland?

A cat in hell would have a much better chance.

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  1. dvhogg
    May 13, 2015 at 9:57 am

    QJ -FFA the Nats have gone a bit quiet on this strangely enough. I still think the old adage applies “that when money goes out the door love goes out the window” and they know it. For that reason I would welcome it, but not my tax increase sadly. However this will make people realise you don’t get something for nothing.

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