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Yesterday I shared on Facebook, with a recommendation, a Guardian piece by Marina Hyde a columnist whose work I enjoy. I did so largely because of her description of PGA tour golfers as ‘tedious evangelical shitehawks’, a view with which I agree absolutely, on the basis of the Sky coverage that I see.

Then I read the extended treatise on which Ms Hyde’s article was founded and realised that she got everything else entirely wrong. In fact, Michael Jordan is uniquely qualified to be Tiger Woods’ friend. In terms of the idolatry US sports can bestow on its heroes, he alone has been Tiger’s equal in the way he transcended his sport in his supreme years. Only he knows what comes after, and can advise on the basis of personal experience.

Where she did her own readers a disservice was in not drawing their attention more fully to the central premise of the ESPN analysis.

Having now studied the extended original, I find myself pondering two questions: 1) Is Tiger Woods, if not bat-shit crazy, at least part of the way en route to that state of mind? 2) Is he a guy for whom the Second Amendment should be set aside, in respect of any arms other than golf clubs?

Read it and see what you think.


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  1. Marilyn McMillan
    May 1, 2016 at 7:09 am

    introduced to ‘Bob Skinner some three years ago. Read all that were available then, but I was unwell at the time, so I have decided to revisit ‘Bob”. Thoroughly enjoyed the geography as I lived in Livingston near Edinburgh for nearly 30 years.Keep up the good work.

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